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Entrepreneur. Lover of fresh produce. Raw food fanatic. Mother of three cats. Poet. Married to the best woman out there. City-light painted girl. Serial sprouter. Holistically healed and now an in-remission (one year so far) survivor of chronic Lyme.


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  1. Inspiring interview today on Blythe Raw. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Inspiring interview today on Blythe Raw. Thank you for sharing!

  3. hey! just looked through your blog and saw you have been going through candida too. ive been following body ecology the last 6 months or so. and haven’t had any sugar. ! just started adding back diff. nuts and seeds and eating more raw foods again.
    i still have incredible gas in my stomach but apparently i got retested again to not have candida or the parasites..

    so still have symptoms and am not 100 percent sure what they r from. went through many tests last year at regular doctor to try to find out but nothing showed up and they pretty much just said you have IBS…

    i’ve also been doing colonics. so sorry your candida came back! did you eat a lot of sugar before hand for that to happen? so scary what mold in a house could do to your health :/

    • Hi,
      Ace refers to me as the “sugar nazi;” I consume a very minimal amount of it. However, I drink wine, and I think that and the raw cheese I eat are likely the main culprits to the candida returning. Those things weren’t an issue in the past, but our home environment has changed that, and now I need to be ridiculously cautious till we have it all handled here.
      I like the Body Ecology philosophy and have coconut kefir, etc., regularly. For all of last year I ate and drank whatever I wanted without issue (still very low sugar in for many reasons though), so it’s sad to not be in that place now.
      Have you tried Intestinew by Renew Life? It’s about $30, and it cured my IBS. When I was first diagnosed with everything in 2010, they gave me Diflucan, which absolutely ruined my gut. The Intestinew not only fixed the IBS symptoms, it also allowed me to somehow be able to digest all the foods again that I’d had to cut out (raw veggies etc.). Haven’t had any IBS symptoms since!

  4. Hi Ariane!

    Awesome site!

    Do you know of a good vegan cream cheese?

    • Hi, the commercial ones tend to be soy, so I avoid those. For a decent cheese-ish spread, the “We can’t say it’s cheese” line is fairly tasty, and made out of oatmeal. Alternately, there are lots of recipes online for nut-based ones where you add probiotics so it cultures… that adds tang and a bit more firm texture. I’ve had reasonably good luck going that route. =)

  5. Hi Ariane,

    Can you please tell me How long you had lyme and bartonella? Were you ever tested for bartonella? I have been on antibitics and herbs for 2.5 years but still have bart symptoms. I have major Bart problem and mood swings that does not seem to go away with antibiotics.


  6. Hi Ariane. My sister from another mister Tanesha has recently gotten Lyme disease and I was wondering if you’d point me in the direction of some info about how you dealt with yours. It would be much appreciated!


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