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Get Well Soon: My CLD Protocols

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the volume of inquiries I receive requesting help for Lyme Disease, I am unable to reply to all blog comments and emails.  If you are interested in scheduling a phone or Skype consultation with me on treating Lyme Disease naturally, please visit my website,



So far, I’ve had Lyme Disease and Bartonella in complete remission for 4 years, and that includes having spent 6-8 months minimum getting seriously exposed to carbon monoxide.  If one can get hardcore chronic CO poisoning and still not relapse, I think it’s safe to say their treatment system was damn successful.  In total, I dealt with Lyme for about 2 1/2 years before getting it into remission, which is shorter than many people out there, but still long enough for it to have taken over my body on a cellular level.  At my worst, I had fibromyalgia so bad that my legs would not bend enough for me to walk.

I have a document that I’ve sent to many people with everything I did to get well, and decided it was time to post it here for the interwebs at large to have access to.  Some things are more personal than I’d really care to share publicly, but I am doing so for the sake of hoping to help others.  Note that this is just what worked for ME, and is not medical advice from a professional.  I’m just a health foodie chef girl who manages to survive an array of wacky illnesses and wants to share whatever possible to help others recover too.

Lyme Success- What I Did:

-The #1 thing that killed the Lyme was a GB 4000 rife machine.  It costs about $2500, my parents bought it for me.  Basically, it is a
radio frequency machine that bursts both the lyme and the cysts the disease creates inside your cells to protect itself from being killed.
(Antibiotics make the lyme build stronger and stronger cyst protections, which is why people plateau so quickly on them.)  I also
found useful the rife’s programs/settings for pain, detox, etc.  A cheaper option is a doug coil, which can be homemade, or a Hulda Clark Zapper.  Though the cost of the GB 4000 is high, it is cheaper than antibiotics and all their supplies, and much more effective.

-Therapy helped a lot with the entire process.  Lyme eats up your brain and creates whacked out, f-ed up emotional problems; I would sit in the closet in the dark and cry for hours, with no cause or understanding of why.  I’d always been pretty stable before, that
wasn’t normal for me at all and was very scary.  I also had a LOT of awful suicidal thoughts that came as soon as any conflict arose in
life.  I just couldn’t deal with anything without feeling overwhelmed and like I wanted to die.  Therapy not only got rid of all that, it
gave me hope that I would get better, which in turn, I did.  I did DNMS, developmental needs meeting strategy, along with EMDR, eye movement desensitization reprocessing.  My therapist taught me how to be sick, and then, how to be a better version of myself when I got well.

-Supplements are VITAL.  I took daily all of the following: sarsaparilla root, pau d’arco, chlorella, milk thistle, probiotics, proteolytic enzymes, zeolite, krill oil, olive leaf, magnesium, immunity mushroom blend, ubiquinol, and a multiple with high amounts of b/c/d etc. plus an antioxidant blend.

-Acupuncture was the thing that actually catapulted me into wellness.  I had already killed the lyme, but was so overrun with toxins I couldn’t get out that I hadn’t yet felt any recovery.  Acupuncture, specifically the mobile cupping, mobilized the toxins out, and I began recovering the day in late December 2010 that I first had it done.

-Coffee enemas.  I know, major wtf.  But seriously, they helped a lot.  There is pretty much NO way you can get out all the toxins building up from killing lyme without drastic actions.  Google has all the info on how the caffeine stimulates your liver to dump the toxins out.  I did these twice a week, minimum.

-Epsom salt baths with hydrogen peroxide, after every rife treatment.  They help pull the toxins out through your skin.

-Diet. I’ve always been an extreme health foodie, but I had to go as far as cutting out all grains, fruit, etc. for awhile.  Lyme makes bad
stuff grow in your intestines, and both ibs and candida are very common in Lyme patients, so you can’t feed the yeast or it makes the
Lyme stronger by creating a more acidic internal environment.  Incidentally, I had horrific ibs before being diagnosed and fixed both
that and the major candida symptoms with a product called Intestinew by Renew Life.  Organic, unprocessed food is key.

-Kombucha. I drank 16-32 oz a day, which is pricey, but it’s the only thing that ever helped me palpably feel better, plus it’s full of
bio-available probiotics.

-E3 Live: again, pricey.  It’s a good way to get high potency greens,  but I didn’t feel it really helped until I was already on the way to
getting better.

-For insomnia, they gave me ketamine, to which I said no way.  I managed to sleep with large doses of amantilla, which is valerian root
extract, and a chinese herbal complex called an shui wan.

-For pain, a topical cream called Thermoderm provided substantial relief.  It’s cheap.  Also, pot helped with pain, specifically pot with
a low thc to high cannabanoid ratio.

As for what to avoid:
-Lyme disease forums on which everyone is still ill.  Majorly depressing.

-Antibiotics if possible, which only have a 65% recovery rate and a 35% relapse rate anyway and will likely ruin one’s digestive system indefinitely.  They are the standard course of treatment.

-Cowden Protocol, or herbs from it.  The herx (die off reaction) is the worst ever… like bugs crawling all over you, bad drug trip, tear
your eyes out, bad.  This includes samento, cumanda, and the other herbal antimicrobials.  The herbs with it like burbur, pinella,
magnesium malate, and serrapeptase are fine.

The Number One Lesson That Helped Me:

In my interview with the fabulous Blythe of Blythe Raw Live, I detailed my process with Lyme, as well as the statement from my therapist that was utterly transformational to my healing process.  The Lyme clip is only about five minutes total and has some good info, but if you don’t want to watch it all, fast forward to about four minutes in for that part.  I think it’s the most powerful when spoken.  You can watch it here.

Again, I’m no professional!  I grew up in a very holistic household that taught me to always choose natural remedies before Western Medicine when possible.  In my opinion and experience, that is the smartest, most productive, and best way to go for overall health.


About Ariane

Bestselling cookbook author. Special diet chef. Certified nutritionist. City light painted girl. Public speaker. Wellness iconoclast. Food writer. Poem writer. Holistically healed survivor of late stage Lyme disease and carbon monoxide poisoning. (or Mr. Google)

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  1. What about controlling PANDAS in a kid with chronic congenital lyme? It was caused by Lyme disease. If I go all herbal my kid falls apart.

    • I’m not specifically familiar with that myself- I had to google the term- but a comprehensive rife machine should have settings/programs for it. My sister contracted Lyme from her husband, and her three children with him were born with it; she treated them with both a GB 4000 and the MOPA attachment for it that you can be treated by just by being in the room with.
      I’d think that having a small child on antibiotics for years would have long term immune, digestive, and cns repercussions, at the least.

      • Thank you for the info. and honesty. What is CNS?

      • Oh, it’s Central Nervous System. From Wikipedia: “Some of the serious adverse drug reactions (ADRs) that occur more commonly with fluoroquinolones than with other antibiotic drug classes include central nervous system (CNS) toxicity, phototoxicity, cardiotoxicity, arthropathy, and tendon toxicity.[1][2] Children and the elderly are at greater risk.”
        I’m not sure what abx you’re using, but that is a class commonly used, so it came to mind.

      • What is MOPA and GB 4000?

  2. THe MOPA is an attachment for the GB 4000 machine, which super powers it. I didn’t need that myself- I treated at a very low power level initially, and had to work my way up. By the time I got to full power and full time, the Lyme was all dead. The GB 4000 is one of many rife machines, or “frequency generators,” on the market. It’s a device that you hold that literally explodes the spirochetes inside you. It comes with close to 1,000 programs for assorted ailments, so is usually for everything from candida to pain. The frequencies are such to make the organism you’re treating unable to handle them, and they die. It’s a miraculous thing, and has been around since I think the 1950s. Initially they were used for cancer, but the FDA put a stop to that quickly.

    • Ariane, how did you use your GB-4000? How often did you use each frequency? How often can you repeat that frequency? I have one and I’ve not being able to use it because someone told me that if you use one frequency very often the viruses become resistant to it.

  3. Thank you for the info, hope and inspiration!! Looking at what I can incorporate into CLD protocol on top of TCM herbal formulas. Feeling taxed by toxins. Been getting Moxa to increase energy/qi before acupunc. needles but this week will ask about cupping, which I’ve not had in a looong time. Must commit to detox baths too. Thank you again!

    • Thanks for your comment! Detoxing is truly key- they say that what makes you feel bad is usually die off more so than the disease itself. The baths, though kind of a pain, can be made more pleasurable by adding herbs, flowers, or tinctures to the salts/peroxide, so you feel luxurious rather than just regimented.

      • Halle-freaking-lujah, needles for liver and mobile cupping yesterday = considerable reduction in dizziness and fog. Thank you!!! I’m so not a bath person and, up until a couple of months ago, I considered my tap water unhealthy for detox baths. Now must dig deep past fatigue, etc. to just do it.

      • That’s fabulous! Acupuncture is very hit or miss, depending on who you go to- glad you found the right person and made some progress!

  4. Thank you! So, the good treatment results lasted 1.5 days and then back to almost all of the crud. Guess I should expect that treatment results are temporary (at least in the beginning) supporting detox at home. I know… a detox bath, but I’m soooo exhausted. Maybe time for Kundalini detox yoga. I once experienced incredible and lasting results from a practice but it can be dizzying with the breath work which I guess is why I’ve hesitated this time around.

    Funny you should mention hit-or-miss practitioners because I’ve been fortunate. However, I’m on the east coast trying to nudge someone in the L.A. area to get treatments, and said person seems hesitant without recommendations.

    • The place I go, Body and Soul, is in Mid-City West, in L.A. It’s super accessible, and reasonably priced- I definitely suggest recommending them to your friend.
      I think it’s normal for good results to be a bit temporary initially; my experience has been that the more I continued, the more they stick! Hope that is the case with you. ❤

      • Fantastic – thank you for the Body and Soul rec! Happy and relieved to pass it on, supported as well by Yelp reviews – yours included.
        I agree that regular treatment is key. Thank you again for sharing all that you have about your experience. I will be sharing this link with lyme friends for reference and consideration. You are giving hope and changing lives.

      • That’s wonderful, thank you! It is the least I can do after having recovered from that… far too many people spend years sick, only to get on antibiotics, get well, then relapse as soon as they get off them. Any word I can spread about curing diseases naturally, I want to.

  5. Hi Ariane, can you go into more detail about your chronic CO poisoning? How were you able to identigy / diagnose this? I recently moved into a really old building and my first few nights the CO detector was going off. My landlord told me to open a window, and it stopped beeping. But there is an awful rotten old smoke smell that lingers around the non-working fireplace and I’m worried it could be leaking some low-levels of CO. I’ve had chronic health problems, mostly autoimmune, so am very concerned about environmental toxins.

    • Hi, CO detectors generally only go off in life-threatening situations, so your problem is probably VERY bad! This is something to deal with asap.
      We complained for months that something in our apartment was harming us, initially getting tested and retested for mold bc that’s most common. There was a weird exhaust-like smell that came in regularly, and eventually the landlord sent out an HVAC repairman who identified the issue as our downstairs neighbor’s gas range being improperly ventilated. It was venting directly into the crawlspace between apts, and their vent when on was forcing the combustion byproducts and CO in. Combustion byproducts are also incredibly harmful, and have many different symptoms than CO.
      We knew we were ill, but didn’t even know CO was a possibility until we read up on our symptoms and realized they matched chronic poisoning. We then were tested for and diagnosed with chronic CO poisoning and began assorted treatments. We are also suing our landlord, as we have serious long term health problems from this.
      The symptoms of chronic poisoning are somewhat different from those of acute, so I recommend googling that. I also suggest you get the fire dept out ASAP, they have equipment that will detect any amount of CO in the air. Had we done that, the problem would’ve been solved much sooner, and we would have less health issues and even more solid evidence.
      I wish you the best of luck in finding the problem, and urge you do so quickly w/as much professional assistance as possible. We lost one of our pets, and I may never have my full brain function back. Additionally, we are going to spend who-knows-how-long reliving the situation via the lawsuit. Please get help soon.

  6. Hi Ariane,

    Thanks for letting us know ur story . iam been suffering from candida for a long time i took accupuncture , herbal supplements nothing is helping me . i was planning to buy GB4000 you think its gonna help with my candida . please help me i dont know what to do.

    • Hayley, I’m so sorry I never saw this comment before!
      The GB 400 should definitely help candida, but having dealt with it myself before, a strict candida diet and supplements will usually take care of it. Intestinew is a great product to help repair your insides, and alleviates a lot of the die off symptoms. I hope you’ve got this taken care of now, but please feel free to ask any other questions. My apologies again for missing your question months ago.

  7. Hi Ariane, are you still active here?
    Anyway, great post, it is good for a change to see an honest review about Lyme Disease.
    I 1000% agree with avoiding forum where everyone is sick, it is the most depressing thing ever!
    I was looking into buying a Rife machine, I am not sure where to start, do you have a specific brand you will recommend, how often did you use it? any suggestion on where to start will be appreciated.

    • Hi Lyana,
      I am indeed still active here, and still in remission from Lyme.
      The brand I used for rifing is a GB 4000, which is pricy but very easy to use. It comes pre-programmed with everything you need. Everyone is different, but I used it twice a week for three months, which is how long it took to kill the Lyme. I still use it occasionally for other things when health issues arise.
      If price is an issue, even a DIY Hulda Clark zapper for $20 will be somewhat effective. It would just be more complex to assemble, figure out, etc. Regardless, I recommend a rife over abx any– and every– day.
      Best of luck to you! Feel free to ask any other questions, I’m happy to help.

      • Ariane,
        thanks for your reply. I tried to google GB 4000, there are so many out there, it is very confusing. Could you please email me a link to the correct one?

      • Sorry forgot to add my email lylym30 at yahoo dot com. Please email me the site where you go your rife. I can’t find a distributor online. Thanks

  8. How much comision do you make on this GB4000? You know what EMF is? How about putting all kinds of weird EMF frequencies in a box and giving to someone who has to have their parents pay for it.

    • I make no money at all by sharing the fact that a rife machine cured my Lyme. I don’t know who makes the GB 4000, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t a huge company with an endorsement budget.
      Of course I am familiar with EMFs. You seem to be misunderstanding the fact that rife machines put out radio frequencies, which is how they kill disease. It is a box you plug in, but doesn’t emit any more EMF’s than anything else electronic, such as the device you utilized to leave your ignorant, misguided comment.

  9. Did you rife on the gb4000 on# 467 for lyme and detox #902? Any other channels you used on rife?

    • Sorry, this is showing as not replied to even though I replied. In case you didn’t see my response: I used 466, as 467 never got a reaction, but you should use whichever one you can feel. When it’s killing stuff, there is NO mistaking it. The detox setting were 204-206. I also used the pain settings often, which helped a good bit with the fibro.

  10. Along with lyme fatigue aches I have monthly migraines that leave me debilatating in bed two days in a dark quiet room. I get extremely depressed.
    How long did you rife to get well and any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


    • Hi Andrea,
      I used the 466 Lyme Primary Program; I never got a response to 467 or 468. For detox, I used 206 mostly, and occasionally 203-205. I ran them immediately after 466, and also on their own on my non-treating days.
      I used the machine for three months in order to kill all the Lyme, and got well very soon after. I continued to use it for a number of months with no reaction, just to ensure it was gone.
      In addition to the methods listed in the blog, I’d recommend camel milk. It helped me a lot when I later had CO poisoning.


    I also used a rife machine and got rid of the Lyme. Unfortunately, Bartonella is still kicking my butt. What did you use to get rid of the Bart? I’ve just started huttoyunia tea.

    • Hi, I used the rife for bartonella, but it didn’t give me much of a reaction. Though I was diagnosed with it on my Igenex, I don’t think it was a main culprit to my Lyme illness. I’ve heard that A-Bart, the Byron White formula, is pretty effective.

  12. Hi Ariane, great post! I’m just curious if you were diagnosed with co-infections as well? I have Lyme, Bartonella, Rickettsia, mycoplasma fermentans, Ross river. also, how did you know the Lyme was dead? Thanks 🙂

    • Hi, thank you!
      I had bartonella as well, but it was never very symptomatic for me. I didn’t do much to treat it because I didn’t get reactions to anything I did.
      As for how I knew when I was better, I had no idea I’d killed all the Lyme until I was able to detox via acupuncture and cupping. The Lyme could have been dead for months for all I know; it’s really just a matter of getting all its toxins out as you go, so that when you DO kill it, you know. =)

  13. Do you have bad die off from the rife? What were your die off symptoms and how long does it last. Also did you rife once a week? How long did it take to notice a difference with rifing weekly?

    • I used the machine twice a week for three months to kill the Lyme. My evening sequence was: Lyme program on the rife immediately followed by the 30 minute detox setting, then straight into an epsom salt bath. That really minimized the herx, plus the bath after made me tired so it was easier to sleep after. Generally, I was only mildly worse the next morning for that day.

  14. Hi there! Where did you purchase your GB4000 machine? Do you know if they have a return policy? Also, How long were you sick with late stage lyme before beginning this treatment?

  15. Did you set the MOPA to 3.1Mhz carrier frequency and then did the lyme 466hz. Just trying to figure out how to use the machine.

  16. I’m concerned that you say to avoid the Cowden Herbs. I would not be alive without them. I have had Lyme and co-infections for 14 years but didn’t know what caused my illness until 11 years in. Yes, you will herx, but if you follow the protocol that Cowden sets up, you can start the herbs slowly. Herxing means the bugs are dying. I had to start with 3 drops each and herxed horribly on that, but now I take 1 or 2 droppersful at a time with little herxing. Burber and Pinella are huge for pulling you out of a herx. I got 70% better just using Samanto, Banderol and Burber and Pinella along with the Rife machine (GB4000). I also used some essential oils. Taking baths or soaking my feet in MMS have been huge for detoxing for me, plus I also think it kills bugs. I herxed when I first started using it, but I felt better too. I started slow with 5 drops and worked up to 25 drops per bath. Google Jim Humble, MMS to learn more. I don’t know why some get better faster than others, but it took me a year to get where I felt 70% better.
    I had my blood tested and thought I was better, so I quit taking the herbs. Early spring, I relapsed with Bartonella and Babesia and parasites. Borellia (Lyme) appears to be in remission. I think the Samento and Banderol were the most important for eliminating this.) Recently I discovered a doctor in Idaho that uses a darkfield microscope. You can see Borellia and other bacteria and parasites in the blood. This was huge for me because I was able to see what was causing the relapse. (Before this, I had no idea I had Bartonella) I have had a second test and 65-70% of the infections in my blood was gone. I will test again in a few weeks. It’s amazing to have a real way to see what is going on and see the improvement in the blood.
    I started taking Samanto and Banderol again and added Enula for Babesia and Houttuynia to kill Bartonella. I know when I herx that they are doing something. I am also doing iv therapies including high dose vitamin C, ozone, and hydrogen peroxide. (Somewhat expensive, but very effective) I believe I am getting better faster than those doing the IV’s without herbs. Before I got the darkfield test done, I began using Monolaurin, which is a relatively inexpensive way to kill bacteria. I had to start slow and work up because of the herx. Some people say it keeps their Lyme in check and possibly can eliminate it. It works best on Gram Positive bacteria. It didn’t seem to do much for the Bartonella in my case, though I have increased my dose since. All of these things have helped me. I recently started oral liposomal C and take it on the days I don’t get Iv’s. Vitamin C is huge in eliminating the bugs and your body can absorb and tolerate higher doses with Liposomal C. I wish I could tell you I am completely better. But I am improving greatly and believe I have what I need to get well now. My biggest concern is the Bartonella, because it is so stubborn. But by the lessening of symptoms, I believe the Houttuynia is taking it out along with the Liposomal C and IV therapies.
    If there is anyone out there who is completely free of Bartonella, I would like to know how you got rid of it. From my experience, for those with chronic Lyme, once we get well, we have to stay on a protocol to keep us well for a long time. But I believe there is a way to get better. We just have to do the research and find what works for us.


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