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I just don’t yelp you anymore

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Once upon a time, also known as for several years up until a month or two ago, I was a star (and “elite”) yelper.  Hell, I was pretty much an all-star yelper, I was so damn yelpy.  I got the “review of the day” every three months like clockwork, had over 600 people request to be my friend, and was often featured in the weekly newsletter.  Sadly, yelp did me wrong.  Repeatedly.  I encourage you to read the details of that here:

Thus, welcometomyblog.  I didn’t really want to do this because I’m pretty much a lazybones, but I also didn’t feel right continuing to exert my time and copious efforts making money for a website that took pride in treating me like poop.  I dedicate this first blog to my yelp profile, which is the product of several years of eating, wearing clothes, getting over a major disease, running a business, falling in love, and other living in the Los Angeles area.

The full profile is

My list of organic oases is

Place I can’t stand are what that link in the first paragraph directs you to

My experiences eating raw are

Creative musings for technically unyelpable things are

And these are my feelings about local farmers markets

There are other lists, but those are my favorites.  From this point on, I’ll be baring all the opinionated, no-holds-barred fruit right here.


About Ariane

Chef. Organic snack food brand founder. Lover of fresh produce. Raw food fanatic. Mother of three cats. Poet. Married to the best woman out there. City light painted girl. Serial sprouter. Holistically healed survivor of chronic Lyme and chemical poisoning.

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